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If you need prayer, know someone in the military, know someone that needs Salvation or Healing, or have a praise report, we welcome and encourage you to submit this form so we can pray for these or other needs.

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What type of need do you have?

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Note: Please refrain from identifying individuals with last names, as requests may be shared with others.

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Sometimes a prayer request is in order

A parent was having difficulty keeping his five-year-old son quiet during worship. Finally, when he saw that he wasn't succeeding, he picked up the little lad and hurried toward the door. As they neared the exit, the boy yelled loudly: 'Pray for me!'
-King Duncan
in Amusing Grace

Click here to download the complete page layout of "A Prayer By The Nation For The Nation In an Hour of Unprecedented Sorrow" that appeared in the Thursday, September 20th edition of USA Today. 
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